Mind blown: There’s a reason the ‘Friends’ gang always got the Central Perk couch

Like many others out there, I accepted the challenge. On January 1st, I started re-watching all of Friends, because Netflix knows what our heart wants and likes to give us gifts. While I can’t say its been a full-fledged television binge for me (there are over 200 episodes after all,) but I have been chugging right along. The best part is that I’ve noticed things I didn’t notice before, like the fact that the magna doodle on Joey and Chandler’s door didn’t show up right away. Also the fact that Chandler wore a LOT of basketball shirts for the first two seasons.

But like many of you, I have one continuity question that nags at me in the night. How was the iconic orange Central Perk couch always ready and available for our friends to come and hang? Considering how comfy that couch looks, and what a prime location it had in Central Perk, I’d assume that couch was extremely coveted by other patrons. How did our Friends always end up with the best seat in the house?

Thanks to one eagle-eyed writer at Bustle, we have an answer. And now it begs the bigger question, how did we not notice this before?? If you look really closely at the coffee table in front of the orange couch, there’s a small little sign on the table that says RESERVED.

OF COURSE IT’S RESERVED FOR OUR FRIENDS. Everything makes so much sense now. The sign is there through all 10 seasons, though sometimes hidden behind the napkins.

It’s nice to go where everybody knows your name, and there’s already a seat reserved for you. Since Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe dropped a whole lot of money on coffee over the seasons, it kind of makes sense that Central Perk would hold a spot for them. Plus Gunther would totally do that for Rachel.

This was staring us in the face for 10 seasons, and we never picked up on it?? Consequently, this only proves that if we binge-watch enough television we can unlock the biggest mysteries of the universe. What other questions are out there that have been so far left un-answered? You guys just tell me which show you want me to binge next, and I’ll do it.

Image via Netflix, herehere.

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