Bound to happen: ‘Friends’ but with hamsters

This is it, you guys. This is the Friends revival we’ve all been waiting for. Mashable decided the beloved sitcom was missing something, and that something is hamsters. So they reimagined the show and re-cast it with furry little critters. Yes, really.

The opening credits feature a hamster-sized Central Perk, complete with an orange couch, oriental rugs and interior brick. Pop art adorns the walls. Central Perk window clings invite you (well, hamsters) inside. There’s even a tiny coffee cup.

“The gang meets up to (kind of) throw back some lattes at Central Perk, but mostly just makes Gunther’s life a nightmare,” Mashable’s Tracy Gilbride writes. “Jennifer Hamsterson also makes a solid case for The Rachel 2.0.”

The reimagined Friends stars hamsters Joy, Piper and Bingo as Jennifer Hamsterson, Hamster Cox, Lisa Hamster, Matt Le Hamster and Hamster Perry. Oh, and David Schwimmer is there too. The that’s Schwimmer the person, not the hamster. Because, why not?

We would absolutely watch this reboot. Can somebody please get on making episodes? We suggest: The One with the Gerbil, The One with Too Many Sunflower Seeds and The One with All the Hamster Babies.

Images via Mashable


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