The One Where we couldn’t stop laughing at this resurfaced “Friends” blooper

Even though Friends ended almost 12 years ago, it never fails to make us laugh. Whether we’re binging an entire season on Netflix, catching a re-run on TBS or scrolling through gifs on Tumblr, Friends never fails to give us the giggles. But if you really want to get us rolling on the floor, just turn on a blooper reel. We’ll be crying with laughter faster than you can say “we were on a break.”

There’s one outtake that sticks out as particularly memorable, and it’s from the Season 7 episode “The One With Joey’s New Brain.” Ross is trying to play (and failing miserably at) “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang on the bagpipes. It’s an audition of sorts to be the entertainment at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. The clip isn’t new, but in the last few days it’s resurfaced online, and it’s giving everyone some serious LOLs. A laugh this big is always worth sharing.


Here’s a clip of it all going down. The video shows the scene first, and then the outtakes.

You’ll definitely notice that in the finished scene, the actors are trying their best to keep it together and not break—but it’s damn near impossible. Even at 27 seconds in, before the madness begins, you can quickly see that Lisa Kudrow is already grinning from ear to ear. The pan across the actors on the couch is so tense. By the time we hit 48 seconds, Jennifer Aniston is practically holding her breath to keep from bursting.

Once Phoebe starts singing along, nobody is even trying anymore. Both Lisa and Jennifer try (unsuccessfully) to stifle laughs, and there’s a lot of hand-covering-mouth action. We don’t know what’s funnier: David Schwimmer’s feeble bagpipe attempt, Matthew Perry’s imitation of it or Lisa’s infectious laughter about the whole thing.


There’s something about a good Friends outtake that gets us every time. Maybe it’s because it’s fun to see that as much as the actors were making us laugh, they were also making themselves laugh. Or maybe it’s because they look like they were having the absolute best times of their lives, and it’s clear they were all friends IRL.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to fall down a YouTube hole of hilarious bloopers.

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