This “Friends” actor feels bummed that his character never got any closure

Turns out that Ultimate Fighting means just as much to Pete Becker as it does to the actor that played him: Jon Favreau.

You might remember that Pete was smitten with Monica while she was a waitress at the Moondance Diner (in a blond wig, comically huge boobs, and roller-skates.) Secretly a multimillionaire techie, Pete wrote Monica a $20,000 tip, even after she’s turned down his offer for a date. His charm eventually wins her over (a date in Italy for pizza didn’t hurt), but their romance was shaken when Pete decided he needed to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, and begins rigorous training and brutal bouts. After ending up in a full-body cast, Monica told Pete they had to break up if he’s going to continue fighting, and, determined to be UFC, he accepts her decision.

Jon recently did a Reddit Ask Me Anything and it’s obvious that the 1997 Friends role, however brief, made a lasting mark on him. Jon was asked how Monica’s decision to break up with him affected his character, and he gave this response:

Of course, Jon’s moved on to way bigger jobs and an entirely different place in Hollywood. After moving from acting to directing, the Renaissance man helmed Elf, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and most recently, worked on the live-action remake of The Jungle Book as director and executive producer. But while he was earning all these Hollywood accolades, did his Friends alter ego ever finally fulfill his dreams and become the Ultimate Fighting Champion? Jon — and the world — may never know.

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