The “Friends” actor on “American Crime Story” besides David Schwimmer you probably missed

There was a mini Friends reunion last night and a majority of us missed it?!

Unfortunately, that’s 100% correct because we were too busy paying attention to all the buzz surrounding American Crime Story. As we watched the premiere, we devoted every ounce of our attention to the events unfolding before us because we didn’t want to miss a thing. Yet, we missed one of the most important parts of the episode: the other Friends actor who is also on the show.

Warner Bros. Television
Warner Bros. Television

Of course, David Schwimmer (aka Ross Geller) was there, playing O.J. Simpson’s friend and lawyer Robert Kardashian. Right when he first appears, he meets up with Simpson’s initial attorney, Howard Weitzman. In retrospect, we should have pressed pause during this crucial moment:

Do you recognize the guy on the left?

His name in real life is Ken Lerner. At one point in his career, he starred on the Friends episode “The One With the Soap Opera Party” during season 9. He played a man named Professor Spafford, aka “Professor Boring.” Ring any bells?

If not, maybe this clip will jog your memory:

Yup – that’s right! – Ross and Professor Boring reunited last night in a blaze of nostalgic glory. And they hugged it out, no less!

Sadly, Howard Weitzman wasn’t O.J. Simpson’s attorney for very long, so we probably won’t be seeing much of him on the show. That means that we must treasure this beautiful moment while we can, so we’re just going to imprint this GIF in our memories:

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