10 Power Friends of the ’90s

The ’90s were a wonderful time for scrunchies, bare midriffs, chain wallets, vests, and oh so much more. It was also possibly a golden age of TV friendship. Not only was your best friend an amazing personality, they most likely dressed just like you. You were also prone to learning meaningful life lessons together in Very Special Episodes. It was also quite likely you would meet your favorite celebrities and/or musicians and hilarious chaos would ensue. Let’s take a look back at some of TV’s best friends and their awesome ’90s hijinks:

1. Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Ross

Six very different personalities that blended together oh-so-harmoniously. You can’t split up this power friend group; they are the ultimate FRIENDS, after all. They all lived in amazing NYC apartments, despite their very different job levels, and painted us a picture of the kind of life and friendships we all wanted to have, ‘90s-style.

2. Clarissa and Sam

Didn’t everyone want a BFF who would come in through their bedroom window? It was the ultimate friendship that taught all us ’90s kids that men and women could most definitely be friends, and look amazingly fashionable while doing it.

3. Will and Carlton

You’d think these two could never be friends, not in a million years. They’re from opposite sides of the tracks, they have different values, and they could never share clothes. Yet they proved us all wrong and, at the end of the day, if they had nothing else to talk about—they could always dance.

4. Kelly, Jesse, and Lisa

These chicks not only faced the trials of high school together, they also formed a band and danced in unison in ’90s leotards. Or were they unitards? That spells power friends to me.

5. Cory and Shawn

These two were BFFs from childhood and made it through many Very Special Episodes together. Their friendship survived Halloween episodes, time-travel dream sequences, and new cast members trying to elbow in on their friendship. And, boy, could they hug.

6. DJ and Kimmy

Another unlikely best friendship—you’ve got the goofy Kimmy Gibbler and the wholesome and more bookish DJ Tanner. How could it ever work? Beautifully, that’s how! Sure, they had their differences but they always, always worked it out.

7. Blossom and Six

When one of you is named after a plant and the other a number, I feel you’re destined to become friends, right? These two definitely never had an easy time of it, but they got each other through it all. And the hats! My god, the hats!

8. Cher and Dionne

A friendship so special it transitioned from a classic film to a slightly-less-classic TV show, hence its inclusion in this list. But they are kind of the power friends—glamorous, super-rich, and always trying to use their powers for good.

9. Tia and Tamera

These gals were better than friends, they were sisters. They got to take advantage of all the friend and twin tropes available on network television.

10. CC and Niles

The friends who loved to hate each other—a classic ’90s TV trope. Underneath all the insults and zingers was a love to last the ages. But who cares about their relationship status—as long as they stayed love-to-hate-you BFFs, trading barbs for eternity, we’d be satisfied.

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