This friendly dog interrupted a news broadcast and totally stole the spotlight

And now for our daily dose of animal shenanigans, we present to you this hilarious footage of a large, friendly dog interrupting a news broadcast. In what is probably one of the best news bloopers we’ve seen this year, an enthusiastic dog totally crashed the set during a Russian newscast and stole the spotlight in the process.

Behaving like an animal that is shamelessly determined to get some camera time, the dog boldly bum-rushed the Mir 24 TV set, making its presence known with a loud bark that caught anchor Ilona Linarte completely off guard.

“I’ve got a dog here,” a visibly startled Linarte said in Russian. “What is this dog doing in the studio?”

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We suspect this dog bursting into a live newscast was just another attempt to brighten up our day by a well-meaning, albeit unruly canine.

According to, the dog visited the set with another guest but apparently broke loose to go exploring on its own.

And explore it did. The dog started out by roaming behind the desk before hopping on top of it and sniffing around the paper like it was some sort of doggie treat.

Although she told the audience that she’s more of a cat person, Linarte remained relatively poised while the busybody dog nosed around her desk.

Initially, she appeared to be frightened and leaned away from the animal. But because dogs are undeniably irresistible, Linarte couldn’t help but give the pesky pooch a friendly head pat and a squeeze, which is probably all he came for in the first place.