All the weird thoughts you have when you have a friend crush

The only thing more exciting and nerve-racking than having a crush might just be the roller coaster of emotions that comes with meeting someone you desperately want to befriend. Similar to its romantic counterpart, you find yourself fantasizing about your potential life together. You imagine braiding each other’s hair under moonlight, and gossiping the night away while movie marathons play quietly in the background. Basically, you’ve got it bad — and the only cure is BFF-ship.

Of course, most of this pining after a potential best friend can make us act all kinds of odd. So, here are just a few of the weirdest thoughts we all have when we’ve found someone we want to befriend.

Oh my God, this person is the coolest human being to ever exist in the history of the universe.


… Is this what love feels like?


Their hair is literally made of rainbows and sunshine. I wonder what shampoo they use.


I can’t believe they get all their clothes vintage. Who has that much luck at thrift stores? The best thing I’ve ever found was an old Nirvana shirt.


Oh, okay, no big deal. They only have the coolest of dream jobs at the dreamiest of places.


I hope I don’t say anything stupid.


Ugh, we like all the same TV shows and they totally have the same theory I do about Making a Murderer. How do I turn this into friendship?


Who am I kidding? They probably have an arsenal of super cool BFFs that they met while couchsurfing in Europe or saving whales in South America or whatever.


I can’t believe they’re even deigning to speak to me right now.


But of course they’re talking to me, because they’re the nicest human ever, even though they totally don’t have to be because they’re flawless and anyone should be honored just to be acknowledged by them.


Okay, screw it, I’m going to ask them on a friend date.


Because I’m awesome, too.


And I’m pretty sure we’d make the most awesome BFFs of all time.


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