On Fridays, mermaids wear pink

Because great colors deserve to be celebrated, June 23rd is National Pink Day. So now’s the perfect time to get out your pink tails and, um, any other thing that’s pink.

This day is a celebration of the color and all it represents — from sweetness to breast cancer awareness — so why wear pink for just one day only? We should celebrate this color the whole week. (Okay, fine, the whole YEAR.)


(If you’d like to know more about the meaning behind this hue, click here.)

We should also encourage anyone and everyone to wear pink. Not just girls and women, because we all deserve to enjoy this happy, warm color.

So go out today, and give a heads up to all the pink celebrators out there. As for us mermaids, maybe we’ll just have to have some pink lemonade to commemorate the occasion.

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