Superstitious precautions to take for Friday the 13th, you know, just in case

The end of this week brings two dreaded things: Valentine’s Day… and Friday the 13th. Thankfully, they don’t fall on the same day, but still, they’re back to back. That’s a huge double whammy if you’re someone who is cool skipping all the love stuff, and also someone who is incredibly superstitious. Basically, this coming weekend is your mini February nightmare.

If you are someone who falls into the super superstitious category, be sure to avoid all of these things. You can honestly never be too careful.

Don’t walk under any ladders

Walking under a ladder is all sorts of bad luck. If you do find yourself in a situation where crossing underneath a ladder is your only clear pathway, walk underneath the ladder, and then walk through it backwards. If you want to take this an extra step, then cross your fingers until you see a dog.

Don’t break any mirrors

Have fun with 7 years of bad luck after you break a mirror. If by some chance you accidentally break the mirror, you’re going to need to grind its shards into dust. Or, take the pieces of the broken mirror and bury it under a tree during a full moon.

Don’t open an umbrella inside

It’s OK to bring an umbrella inside and open it after its rained to dry it out. But DON’T go ahead and open it inside. Also, avoid black umbrellas. Also, don’t give umbrellas as gifts. Also, don’t take an umbrella on a ship and open it on the ship, or let it fall onto the ground. Basically, only use an umbrella if it’s raining really hard to avoid any sort of bad luck.

Don’t rock any empty rocking chairs

Under no circumstance should you ever rock an empty rocking chair, because that only invites the spirits to “take a seat.” And there’s no guaranteeing that a friendly spirit will be the one to show up. Also if a rocking chair starts rocking by itself, you want to get out of that area ASAP, because a spirit is already hanging out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t pick up a penny that isn’t heads-up

As much as we love finding change out on the streets, it’s bad news bears to grab that penny if it is not heads up. Only pick it up if you can see President Lincoln. If you can see his monument? No go. Also, don’t give anyone a penny unless it was minted in the year they were born. Otherwise, it’ll bring them bad luck. All this for only 1¢.

Don’t THINK about quilting if you want to get married, ever

Oh boy. Quilts are a doozy. Some believe that if you are to finish a quilt by yourself, then you’ll never get married. others believe that if you start a quilt, and never finish it, you’ll never get married. Also if you haven’t made a quilt by your 21st birthday, you also won’t get married. I’m glad blankets are basically the only determining factor for getting married.

Don’t touch any brooms

If you were planning on sweeping your kitchen on Friday, don’t. Sweep it Thursday or Saturday but NOT on Friday. Brooms have a lot of superstition behind them, and if you sweep outside after it gets dark, you’ll be visited by a stranger. If you lean a broom against a bed, you’re asking for trouble from evil spirits. If you accidentally sweep the broom across your feet, you’ll never get married. Basically, skip all cleaning on Friday.

Don’t cross paths with any black cats

If you come across a black cat, it’s probably a witch who has turned into a cat. So stay far away from the cat, no matter how much you want to go over and pet it. This does not apply to fisherman, though, because if you are a fisherman out on the high seas, it’s GOOD luck to have a black cat with you. Go figure.

DO get out of bed the on the same side you got into it

If you climb into bed on the right side, don’t under any circumstances, get out of bed on the left side. Also, try to simply avoid getting out of bed on the left side, because that’s the “bad side.” If exiting the bed on the left side is completely unavoidable, you MUST put on your right sock and right shoe first when getting dressed, otherwise you’ll have bad luck all day.

Now just relax and enjoy your day!

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