17 Friday the 13th quotes for your Instagram captions (we swear they’re good luck!)

Whether you’re superstitious or not, you have to admit that Friday the 13th is at least a little spooky. And if you want to be prepared to mark the occasion on social media, you’re gonna need to make sure your Instagram caption pops. Fortunately, there are tons of Friday the 13th quotes suitable for Instagram captions out there, so get ready to sweep up all the likes and avoid all black cats crossing your path at once (although black cats are really cute, so they probably don’t deserve the negative rap this holiday gives them).

After all, Friday the 13th is a pretty cool day. Stores run specials, some tattoo parlors will offer up seriously discounted ink, and if nothing else, you can blame everything bad that happens to you on the calendar. What’s not to love about any of that?

Check out these Friday the 13th quotes because, among them, there could be an awesome one for your Insta. Let’s be real — showing off your all-black outfit can only take you so far, and you’re going to need the perfect caption to keep your followers interested.

1. This very, very true fact:

2. A quote from William Shakespeare:

3. When you’re not letting the bad luck get you:

4. What’s ACTUALLY scary:

5. Sure, Maxine. Sure…

6. Exactly what this T-shirt says:

7. When in doubt: Michael Scott.

8. There are worse days than Friday…

9. A little horror movie advice:

10. And some superstition advice, for good measure:

11. The real reason cats cross your path:

12. Maybe just stay away from lakes and cabins altogether:

13. Yet another valid fear involving coffee:

14. To be fair, aren’t all superstitions irrational?

15. Maxine and her facts again:

16. If you’re over the whole thing:

17. And a little positivity:

Just remember: Stay away from cabins by the lake! It’s for your own good.

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