All hail the killer camp fashion of ‘Friday the 13th’ movies (the early years)

You know what today is? It’s the SECOND Friday the 13th of the year. This calls for a celebration of Friday the 13th — the franchise, no? What better way to honor the original camp-slasher series than by crediting it with some bitchin’ ’80s style. You know everything they wear in Wet Hot American Summer? Yeah, that’s all an homage to Camp Crystal Lake. (I’m talking movies one through six — it’s all downhill, style-wise, after that.)

The early days of the franchise (from like 1980-1986) practically invented the crop top. And equal-opportunity feathered hair. And suspenders (always worn by the wacky guy). And popped collars. And those perfectly bleached and frayed jean shorts for dudes. And tying your shirt so you can show off your high-waisted jeans. And barrettes. And sleeveless jackets and OH, EVERYTHING GOOD. Basically, I would like to own all the outfits the Camp Crystal Lake counselors packed in their trunks — before they were upside-down-stabbed-to-a-tree. Look, they may not have made the best decisions when it came to make-out locations (really, the woods again?), but they made really good style choices. Please observe.

Can you spot the Kevin Bacon in this picture? Also, let’s talk about shirtless with suspenders guy. And that rad boho yellow top. And red bermuda shorts. Yes!

In part 2 of the series, this guy on the right ALWAYS had a three buttons undone. Bold move, OK with it.

In 1985, five years after the original movie was released, the fashion got a little less grunge-hipster, and little preppier. But as you can see, suspenders and knotted button-down shirts still prevailed.

A scene from the original 1980 classic features some classic high-waisted jeans with a classic button-down shirt that has that extra 1980 shoulder piping I can’t get enough of. This is the outfit I want to wear everyday, not just to horror camp.

Serious reminder: This was an era when men wore sleeveless jean jackets because they could, and it was summer, and it looked cool, OK? P.S. Crispin Glover alert.

I just really, really like this woman’s hair.

I know this is a rough moment for her, but I like the fisherman’s raincoat-over-jeans thing she’s doing.

By movie #5 we’re veering into mid-’80s goth territory and it’s quite beautiful.

Just another reminder to pop your jean jacket collars.

Crop top spotting! I’m particularly a fan of that little barrette accent in her hair. Not long after this moment, though, the barrette sadly falls out.

Pairing a rolled bandana headband with a killer studded leather jacket? Yes. A million yeses.

And lest we forget, the campiest outfit in the campiest slasher series: this woman pretty much wears a 5-year-old’s wardrobe the entire movie and she acts like it’s not a thing. Only in the ’80s, kids.