Friday the 13th memes that will get you feeling superstitious in the best way

It’s that time again: Another Friday the 13th is here, and whether or not you buy into the whole superstition thing, it’s coming. Considering that the internet literally comes up with everything, of course there are Friday the 13th memes out there that you’re going to love. After all, we only get two in 2018 (one in April and one in July), so it’s important to celebrate the day while we can. And honestly, what’s a better way to mark an occasion than with memes?

The tradition started a long time ago, and even though its roots aren’t very clearly understood, people have been scared of the day itself for years — mostly because the number 13 is thought to be unlucky. So yes, it’s an old tradition, while memes are fairly new, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t given us a whole new (and usually funnier) take on the spookiest day of the year. Even if you aren’t worried about broken mirrors and getting bad luck when you least expect it, it’s still a fun day to take part in — especially if you have friends you can scare with a prank or two. Just an idea!

Need a little help getting in that spooky, Friday the 13th mood? These memes will definitely do the trick.

1. If your birthday is on Friday the 13th:

2. Kids make the 13th even more fun:

3. Honestly, not concerned at all about this:

4. The whale is way scarier:

5. If you feel cursed, you’re not the only one:

6. TBH, Monday sounds even worse:

7. The spookiest thing that could happen:

8. Most black cats aren’t evil:

9. We’re not all built for this day:

10. Jason’s been waiting forever for this:

11. You may find you have a new perspective on horror movies:

12. It would only be fair:

13. Black cats get the day off!

14. It doesn’t matter what the calendar says — it’s still Friday:

15. Seriously, they’re not bad luck!

16. Grumpy cat’s favorite holiday:

17. A visit from the Friday the 13th fairy:

Just to be safe, don’t walk under any ladders, and watch out for broken mirrors — and oh yeah, have fun.