This ‘Friday Night Lights’ reunion happened and it was the sweetest

If this doesn’t say “Texas forever,” I don’t know what does.

Friday Night Lights is a perfect show. The storylines, the character development and the teenage realness are on point. Oh, and the cast isn’t bad to look at, either. The boys of Dillon High are all grown up, but the brotherhood of Panther football runs deep—and this adorable pic is proof.

Scott Porter, Matt Lauria and Gaius Charles—who you might know as Jason Street, Luke Cafferty and Smash Williams—recently had a mini reunion, which they documented on Instagram. The gang is all smiles, surrounding Porter’s son, McCoy. It’s clear these boys love their Texas family: Even Porter’s son’s name is a FNL reference!

“‘Good friends…livin’ large in Texas’…and babies. #TexasForever,” Porter captioned the pic. McCoy is the cutest, happiest baby we’ve ever seen! It’s clear the little one has two loving uncles in Lauria and Charles. We wonder if Charles goes by Uncle Smash. This isn’t the first time Porter’s made a nod to Friday Night Lights. Between these mini reunions, #tbt posts and the FNL/Parenthood crossovers of yore, it sounds like the boys still have a lot of love for each other. Aww! Here are some of the other Dillon High reunions Porter has posted about. Dillon Panthers? Or Straight Outta Compton meme?  

6 and Threes are golden #tbt fodder.

So is this state championship ring.  

Texas forever.


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(Image via NBC)