This Frida Kahlo Painting just sold for an astounding $8 million

Despite the fact that iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo died 62 years ago, she is still a big, big deal. Her name is synonymous with the greatest painters who have ever lived; Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, and her paintings frequently sell for top dollar.

In fact, her painting, “Two Nudes in a Forest,” was recently sold at Christie’s auction in New York for a mind-blowing $8 million dollars (!). Apparently it was anticipated to sell for as high as $12 million, but nevertheless, this is now the most expensive piece ever sold by a female artist, and the most expensive ever sold by a Latin American artist. So, it’s safe to say that celebrations are in order! This massive sale tops Kahlo’s last auction record at Sotheby’s, which was also huge at $5.6 million. The painting is beautiful indeed, depicting two nude women in a dreamy forest setting. It was painted in 1939 as a gift to Kahlo’s friend, film actress Dolores del Rio.

Understandably, art dealers and fans are beyond enthusiastic about the news. Some have taken to Facebook to share their excitement and spread the love.

Kahlo’s rise to worldwide recognition didn’t happen until decades after her death, so it’s remains quite sad that she never got to enjoy the perks of such a lucrative career during her life. Her heartfelt and often heartwrenching images, drawn from her life and her imagination, strike a strong chord with modern art collectors.  In 2002, a biopic of her life was made starring Salma Hayek, introducing her artwork and her fascinating life story to new audiences. Still, it’s no small thing that today the entire world is celebrating her achievements, for she is truly an inspiration to generations of art enthusiasts and fellow artists.

Here’s a video from Christie’s about the special painting, including comments from Kahlo’s biographer, Hayden Herrera.