These gorgeous Frida Kahlo beauty products are only carried by one U.S.drugstore

When we think of modern day feminist heroes, Frida Kahlo is always on that shortlist. Kahlo’s work is still bold and relevant by current art world standards. Part of that comes from her own tumultuous myth — and of course, that iconic visage.

But while her images populate the internet, there aren’t really any beauty brands that celebrate this beauty icon. You can find makeup bags with her famous face galore, but if you’re looking for a Frida Kahlo lipstick? Forget it — unless you happen to live near a CVS stocking Republic Nail.

Republic Nail stocks an eye-popping collection of Frida Kahlo-inspired lipsticks and nail polishes. But, they’re only available at select U.S. CVS locations.

Let me be clear: Republic Nail’s Kahlo collection is indeed online. But the bigger question is, why isn’t this gorgeous collection more widely available? I mean, just look at this incredible packaging:

According to Republic Nail’s USA COO, the brand is trying to expand to other retailers. But lest you think that this is just a shady case of a beauty brand trying to capitalize on a trendy (and radical) figure? Well, the entire line has the blessing of the Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts. Though the beautiful packaging and products are certainly a draw, they’re meant to spread an appreciation for the oft-misunderstood artist.

So! If you’re in the U.S. and looking for Republic Nail at CVS, you still need some luck on your side. The line is in stock at less than half of the chain’s stateside stores; good luck on your beauty treasure hunt!