In best news ever, there was a Will and Carlton Fresh Prince Instagram reunion over the weekend

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion took place over Labor Day weekend 2018, and we’re so happy we’re doing “the Carlton.” It’s been more than two decades since the titular Fresh Prince left Bel-Air, but the cast of the hit sitcom remain tight as ever. Celebrating the unofficial end of summer, former costars Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro caught up on the golf course.

Ribeiro took to Instagram, sharing a shot of the pair living their best lives, writing, “Had a great time this morning playing with my boy @willsmith.”

The Fresh Prince cousins have remained close friends since the series ended, making a number of public appearances together and posting throwback shots on Instagram. Earlier this summer, Ribeiro made an appearance in Smith’s birthday Instagram shout-out for Tom Cruise, posting a photo of the three—with Smith poking fun at Ribeiro for not wearing a straw hat like him and Cruise.

Smith has been showing his love for his Fresh Prince costar since well before his Instagram days. In 2014, a pre-Insta Smith was on-hand to support Ribeiro during his time on Dancing With The Stars, encouraging fans on Facebook to vote for his friend, and celebrating Ribeiro’s Mirror Ball victory. During a 2013 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Smith and his son Jaden brought out Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff to resurrect “the Carlton” on national television.

Sure, they’re just two (super famous) pals hanging out, but this warms our hearts so much. Uncle Phil would be so proud.

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