23 French words you should learn before saying bonjour to France

If you’re like me and your only knowledge of French words comes from the movies, you might want to brush up before your next visit to France. Belle can’t teach us everything, after all. You may know the basics — bonjour, au revoir, and obviously ménage à trois — but if you want something a bit more practical, read on. IT’S LEARNING TIME!

Now, on to the 17 French words you should learn before visiting France.

1. Bathroom: salle de bains

2. Tampon: tampon

3. Street: rue

4. Train: train

5. Bus: autobus

6. Museum: musée

7. Bar: bar

8. Water: l’eau

9. Internet: l’Internet

10. Embassy: ambassade

11. Airport: aéroport

12. Breakfast: déjeuner

13. Lunch: le déjeuner

14. Dinner: dîner

15. Coffee: café

16. Hospital: hôpital

17. Taxi: taxi

18. Hello: bonjour

19. Goodbye: au revoir

20. Excuse me: excusez-moi!

21. Thank you: merci

22. Please: S’il vous plaît

23. I don’t speak French: Je ne parle pas français

Now go on and be your bad French self!

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