French women are sharing powerful pics of their body hair with a beautiful message

Adèle Labo is a 16-year-old in France with an international body-positive message. Tired of the stigma around natural body hair, Labo tweeted a simple rally cry to women everywhere who embrace (rather than shave or wax or even laser) their body hair. false

Her hashtag #lesprincessesontdespoils translates to #princesseshavehair. And women everywhere have been inspired to show off their own natural beauty.

While body hair removal has become the norm for most women, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why you may choose not to. There’s a great deal of peer and external pressure from people to get your body hair removed. So much so, that lots of people may find themselves doing it without thinking twice as to why. false

It can get frustrating (and expensive) to consistently remove your body hair. And for many women, there’s no clear underlying motivating factor. It’s just something you’ve been told you should do, so you do it. But this movement is a reminder that your body is only one part of the beauty equation and your true sparkle shines from within.

This message is a beautiful reminder that you can and do always have a choice when it comes to your body. And, as long as you’re happy, you’ve made the right choice (and are allowed to change your mind at any point, of course).

We love that Labo and so many others are embracing and loving their bodies, no matter what their hair choice. false

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