This French bulldog is really, really feeling Rihanna

Normally when you see a YouTube video titled, “Dog sings…” it doesn’t always end well. Most of the time it’s the pet’s owner struggling to get the animal to yelp out a couple of “notes” that could barely fit to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” However, this is not one of those times.

Though Junior, the French bulldog, does not sing consistently, oh boy does he muster some Adele-level passion. Take a look for yourself and see a dog that’s been through some STUFF and the only thing that can take him out of his canine troubles is some RiRi and a ride around the park.

Though his owner is desperately vying for the camera’s attention, we all know who the real star is. Rihanna if you know what’s good, you’re gonna book an immediate dog plane ticket (the most adorable sentence ever concocted) and get this pup to hang with you on tour. The backstage Instagrams alone are enough to break the Internet.

(Images via YouTube)