This French bulldog just doesn’t GET pasta

It seems a certain French bulldog hasn’t seen the movie Lady and the Tramp, which as we all know, is the premier dog’s guide to eating pasta.

A video recently posted to YouTube shows the super-cute, snuffly-faced bulldog being hand-fed noodles while he chills out on the couch. (This, we have to say, sounds like a dream gig for pretty much any species.) But the poor Disney-deprived dog can’t seem to catch on. He understands he’s supposed to bite it, but once a noodle gets into his mouth, he’s lost. We’re cracking up. And TBH, we’re a little baffled. I mean, you’ve got a noodle in your mouth. There are only so many things you can do next:

1. Chew it, and/or

2. Swallow it, and/or

3. Sit there with it hanging out of your mouth and do nothing.

The dog opts for number 3. It’s pretty hilarious. At one point, a noodle even ends up on his adorable, clueless forehead.

Awww, sorry Frenchie. We can’t help but laugh. Keep trying. You’ll get it eventually. (Hint: Get your humans to let you watch Lady and the Tramp. Like right now.) Bon appetit!


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[Image via Disney. Video via YouTube.]

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