Twenty-pound French bulldog fights bears, becomes national hero

A little French bulldog named Jules is redefining fierce. In a new video posted to YouTube recently, she chases not one, not two, but THREE bears away from her house. Yes, actual bears. (Did we say fierce? Because FIERCE.)

Jules’ pet-parent, David Hernandez, set up the surveillance cameras around his home in Monrovia, California, specifically to monitor bear activity. A recent wildfire has adversely affected the food supply for wildlife in the area, so bears have been roaming the neighborhood looking for tasty snacks. Hernandez told CBS News that some of his neighbors have even been feeding the bears, which is a big no-no. “It is a crime, you can do jail time if you’re caught doing it. Some of my neighbors give them dog food in 25-pound bags. There’s one lady in the neighborhood who actually makes them meatloaf.”

Whoa. Those are some spoiled bears. No wonder Jules got miffed when they decided to pay a visit to her yard. When was the last time someone made her a meatloaf??

Hernandez has even been forced to board up the sliding glass door to his daughter’s bedroom to prevent bears from strolling right inside. The cameras are there to give him a heads up. As it turns out, he didn’t need the cameras. He just needed Jules.

The videos he captured show three bears cubs (who could possibly be high on meatloaf) moseying right up to the house. They’re actually pretty darn cute. No offense to Jules. We respect the fact that they’re invading your turf and all Jules, but come on. Those bear cubs are precious.

The Frenchie, however, is not impressed with their adorableness. This is her world, not the Hundred Acre Wood, and she’s NOT having it. She’s not the least bit intimidated by the fact that each bear outweighs her by about 80 pounds. Or that there are three of them. Or that they’re, um, BEARS and all. She goes after them and gets right up in their faces. The bears seem surprised at first. They jump back and look at her kind of like, “Whoa, chill out, dog.” But Jules is not chilling out. She’s miffed. There will be no chilling until the bears are gone.

The bears get the picture. Really quick. They start running in different directions just to get away from this fierce little warrior. One of them even scales a fence to escape her wrath. It’s pretty epic.

Take a look at Jules in action in the two videos below. This is how it’s done, guys.

[Image and videos via YouTube.]


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