Freida Pinto wore a millennial pink pantsuit, and we are here for it

When it comes to hot red carpet trends, pantsuits have slowly taken over. Need proof? The always fashionable Freida Pinto wore a millennial pink pantsuit, and we are living for it! As if we needed any more reasons to love her.

In addition to looking smoking, Freida Pinto has touched upon the color of a generation. In case you missed the memo, millennials now love anything this shade of pink. That might be why the shade is being referred to as “millennial pink.” Everyone from clothing designers to AirBnB hosts are cashing in on the trend. Luckily, Freida pulls it off flawlessly.



Freida Pinto wore this look to Showtime’s “Guerrilla” FYC Event at the WGA Theater on April 13. Because the event took place in Beverly Hills, the hot weather might explain the decision behind her going shirtless. Who knew suits could be so breathable!

Freida paired the look with some dope accessories.

Besides that necklace, Freida’s other accessories are just as enviable.


The white clutch complements the suit, while at the same time having its own moment on the red carpet. Freida’s strappy rose gold heels give this corporate-inspired attire a bit of a sexy edge.


This pantsuit trend has been slowly creeping onto the red carpet for quite some time. Many celebrities have found the look to be liberating and something of a political statement. More and more female entertainers have chosen to don the look.

Yara Shahidi


Kourtney Kardashian


Amy Adams


And many more! When gowns and traditionally feminine attire seem to be restrictive, pantsuits are the glamorous answer. Now, celebs can run away from paparazzi and not be afraid of having a wardrobe malfunction. Lucky for us, Freida Pinto has given us yet another way to style the look with her millennial pink pantsuit.