This freestyling 11-year-old girl is officially the next Yodeling Boy

The Walmart Yodeling Boy (a.k.a. Mason Ramsey) will forever hold a place in our hearts — but he now has some stiff competition. A video of a little girl freestyling is currently blowing up on Instagram, and she’s on her way to Yodeling Boy-level icon status.

Meet Alaya High. She’s 11 years old, an Aquarius, and one of the best freestyling rappers we’ve ever seen. Like, ever. Alaya posted a three-part video series of her “first ever freestyle” on Instagram on May 15th. She had just graduated from the 5th grade, and having made the A/B Honor Roll (as her dad announced via Instagram) Alaya promptly celebrated by laying down some lyrics.

Collectively, Alaya’s three freestyling videos have garnered over 200,000 views on her personal Instagram account as of our writing this.

And since her original May 15th post, a clip has been cross-posted on several famous Twitter and Instagram accounts, like BET and The Shade Room, so her skills have now been viewed well over 1,000,000 times.

Alaya freestyled lyrics over rapper BlocBoy JB’s track “Shoot.” And although BlocBoy JB has yet to comment on Alaya’s tribute, we’re hoping for a future freestyle collaboration between these two.

Here are Alaya’s original three freestyling videos (prepare to be blown away):

And Alaya is NOT a one-hit wonder. She recently posted a new three-part series earlier today, June 1st, of yet another freestyling session. This time she hit Instagram to prove she absolutely does not mumble. She’s confident, cool, and her lipgloss is on point.

You go, LayLay! We can’t wait for next week’s #FreestyleFriday.

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