Freeform just ordered a show called “Brown Girls,” and we’re celebrating!

There aren’t too many shows that feature Indian Americans — and while Aziz Ansari did a beautiful job diversifying our television screens with Master of None last year (which we need a second season of, stat) there still aren’t a lot of television programs that showcase Indian women.

Freeform just gave a pilot green light to a show called Brown Girls, a comedy starring Shilpi Roy and Nastaran Dibai. And since Dibai and Roy are also writers on the show, we can imagine that it’ll be compared to Broad City a lot. (Fingers crossed that the two totally form a BFF bond, since love the connection that Abbi and Ilana have.)


The two will be playing characters named Rimmi and Devi — Rimmi is a beauty vlogger in the making, and Devi is a recent transplant from India.

The show aims to illustrate and navigate the differences between the two girls. While not official, they’re currently trying to get Mark Cendrowski to help direct the series.


"We love this odd couple comedy not just because it is a sophisticated, funny show but we are thrilled to tell a story about part of the American experience that isn’t really on TV today, said Freeform’s Karey Burke."

We’re so happy that shows are finally being produced that include cast members of all shapes, sizes, and colors — and having two women lead this show in particular is just incredible. Good choice, Freeform!