7 free things you can do in New York City this week

It’s finally spring! Which means that one can actually hang out all day in New York City without freezing to death. Finally. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, New York can be a little overwhelming and also very, very expensive. Which is why it’s always a good idea to have a few ideas for free things to do in New York City lined up.

It’s surprisingly not as hard as one might think to find fun, free things to do in NYC that aren’t just sitting in a park or getting lost in TriBeCa (it happens to everyone, don’t worry). But you do sort of have to know what’s up. And if none of these things spark your interest (or give you a good excuse to finally ask that Bumble match out for a night), there’s always the “donation-only” museums, if you’re totally broke. You can support the arts when you have money again — the museum gods will forgive you.

But for some more original fun, here are a few other, totally free, suggestions.

1Check out street art in Coney Island.


Starting Saturday, May 13th, the popular street art exhibit called “Coney Island Walls” is coming back. Hop on the train and head down to check out 21 popular street artists that have yet to be announced. If art’s not your thing, know that there are also delicious noms to check out, like Patacon Pisao, Chick-N-Cone, and Coney Shack, among others.

2Tour a brewery.

If you head to Brooklyn, you can swing by Brooklyn Brewery, where they offer free tours of the facilities so you can see how they make their delicious beverage. Afterwards, you can treat yourself to a (not free) cold one.

3Go to the Food Book Fair.

All week long, there’s a food and book fair at the Ace Hotel in the Flatiron district. You can always go check it out on the cheap, but if you want to join in on some of the bigger events, there are more expensive tickets, too.

4Remember Prince.

On Wednesday, there’s a free screening of Purple Rain in Greenpoint that you won’t want to miss. All you have to do is register online, because space will likely run out quickly.

5Browse the Seward Park garage sale.

You don’t have to buy anything on Sunday, but browsing a Lower East Side yard sale can be very tempting. Just think of all the locals with cool old stuff to get rid of. And then you can go grab a cheap lunch somewhere nearby if you’re not into the hot dogs and pickles at the Hester Street fair cookout for the event.

6Play West Wing trivia.

You can join a West Wing trivia team (or register your very own) for free for Monday night’s trivia challenge centered around the hit show at The Hill bar in Murray Hill.

7Be one of the first to see Decension.

Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1 to see Anish Kapoor’s crazy whirlpool. You can literally stare at it all day.

Whatever you do this week, don’t work too hard. And definitely enjoy the spring weather.