PSA: You can now get FREE Starbucks thanks to this new card

We drink so much Starbucks iced coffee that it’s practically our blood type. All of the baristas know our names, and our orders, to the point that they have our venti iced hibiscus tea ready by the time we step up to the counter.

So to say we’re excited about the company’s new Sampler loyalty card is a massive understatement. “Wait, another loyalty card to keep track of?” you might say. But this one delivers. Like, really, really, delivers.

What’s all the fuss about? Free (yaaaas!) iced coffee and iced tea with no strings attached, that’s what.

Through August 8th, you can ask your barista for a Sampler loyalty card to keep track of your iced coffee and tea purchases. You’ll get a sticker with each grande iced coffee or tea you buy, and once you buy five delicious, refreshing drinks, your next grande iced coffee or tea will be FREE.

Think about it this way—the more Starbucks you drink, the more free iced tea and coffee you get.

With the weather heating up (ugh) and school starting again soon, we’re in dire need of our iced caffeine fix, so the timing on this couldn’t be better.

Thanks, Starbucks, for always knowing exactly how to perk us up and cool us down!