Here’s how you can get free Skittles TODAY only

Bay Area, this one’s for you. Today, in honor of the Oakland Raiders’ first home game, Marshawn Lynch has placed Skittles vending machine all over Oakland, and the best part is that these Skittles are free!

In case you didn’t know, Lynch is the running back for the Raiders who is both from Oakland and a major Skittles fan (who isn’t, though?). While the Skittles being given away are probably not of the special Halloween variety, they’ll still be widely enjoyed by Oaklanders — and maybe even people who live in San Francisco hoping to get a taste of the rainbow.

Lynch tweeted all of the locations of the Skittles vending machines today with the hashtag #scoretherainbow.

We spoke to a Skittles rep who told us, “Each location was personally chosen by Marshawn. They matter to him for different reasons, but they’re all located in his beloved hometown.”

It sounds like Lynch wanted to give back to his community and spread the Raiders pride.

In a video, Lynch shares how to use the special *free* vending machines, explaining that each includes five different flavors. Then, as if in the coolest infomercial ever, he instructs Oaklanders to,

"Load up the cup, get into beast mode, kick back, relax, watch the game, and enjoy yourself."

It’s no wonder why Lynch is a fan favorite.


He also signs one of the machines “To Ice City,” which is the nickname for North Oakland, so clearly Lynch has a lot of hometown pride.

If  you happen to be in the Oakland area today, make sure to get to a machine soon!

The vending machines are open from 9 am till 1 pm PST, and it will likely be difficult for people to adhere to the “one serving per person” mandate.

Considering that Skittles are the most popular candy in the U.S., it could get Marshawn Lynch-level crazy at those vending machines.

Oh yeah, taste that rainbow.