Potterheads are doing their part to free Dobby at the ‘Harry Potter’ tour in London

Potterheads, get ready for some feels. Have you ever thought about how, even though Dobby is a free elf, he’s cooped up in a glass case in the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour? These fans certainly did. Photographs have surfaced on the Internet of socks left by Dobby’s case, clearly placed there by loyal fans in hopes of freeing Dobby from his glass enclosure.

The image, posted on Twitter by @HogwartsLogic, was even retweeted by J.K. Rowling herself. Understandably so, because something about it is so wonderfully heartwarming.

Dobby stands in the case exactly as we left him in his final scene in the films (no spoilers, but we’re trying not to tear up). Next to him sit three socks, undoubtedly left by a few rogue members of S.P.E.W, the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

If you’re sitting here wondering why everybody is freaking out about a picture of socks, let me explain. In the Wizarding world, a house elf like Dobby, who is normally bound to a life servitude, can only be freed if his owner gives him clothes. Dobby himself was freed because Harry Potter tricked his master, Lucius Malfoy into presenting Dobby a sock. Now, they’re popping up at the studio tour, because fans fear that Dobby has become imprisoned once more.

As sad as it may be to see Dobby in a case, it’s safe to say that his life is infinitely better now that he’s surrounded by his magical friends rather than the cruel and unforgiving Malfoys. Despite this, keep the socks coming. I think Dobby would agree that a house elf can never have too many.

(Image via Twitter)

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