Here’s how you can score a free Chipotle burrito this month, but there’s a catch

Chipotle has had quite the past couple years with all of the health controversy surrounding the restaurant. Remember when they offered customers a free burrito if they just texted a promo code to a Chipotle number? They’ve definitely been trying to make amends with the public to prove that they’re still a fast food force to be reckoned with, and this new deal is no different!

Last year, the burrito chain offered customers free chips and guacamole for simply playing a memory game called Guac Hunter, in which all you had to do was spot the 5 differences in two pictures (kind of like those fun games from the Highlighter magazines you’d see in your dentist office as a child).

Their newest game, though, will score you more than just a mid-afternoon snack. Chipotle’s newest buy-one-get-one promotion is based off the short animated film that was released earlier this year. All you have to do is match “real Chipotle ingredients” with “imposter ingredients,” such as artificial coloring and artificial flavors. You can play the game here.


It seems like this is yet another way to prove to customers that they’ve taken the past couple years pretty seriously, which is great! And hey, who doesn’t love a free burrito?

The fast food chain is also holding another promotion this month that coincides with one of the best holidays of the year — Halloween! Customers wearing a costume on Halloween from 3PM to close can hit up their local Chiptole for $3 burritos, burrito bowls, salads, and tacos.


Sounds like a deal to us!

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