This horse’s mane is giving us serious #hairgoals

The internet has been broken yet again, this time by a horse with beautiful long locks. Meet Frederik the Great, a rare Friesian horse who will give you serious hair goals.

His long, flowing, glorious mane looks remarkably like Fabio’s hair.


Frederik was just named the most handsome horse in the world (yes, apparently that’s a thing) and we can see why. He lives in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and has quite the internet presence. His Facebook page has over 20,000 fans!

The stallion doesn’t have an acting career yet, but production companies have begun to show interest in working with him. We think it’s time for a Black Beauty remake. (Or maybe even an all-horse Rapunzel remake?)

Frederik might not be an actor yet, but his modeling career has taken off. People love Frederik so much, they’ve even included him in their wedding pictures. His presence will definitely add a nice storybook quality to your big day.

Frederik is making us feel a bit like Tina Belcher, the ultimate horse fangirl. But we can’t help it; his hair is so fantastic.


Hopefully we see Frederik (and his mane) on the big screen soon! We’re dying to know all of his beauty secrets.