Freddie from “iCarly” responded to a fan’s letter five years after she sent it

If you’re acting in a hit TV show like iCarly, we can imagine that everyone would want a piece of you, and the fan mail would stack up super fast. But even though the show has well and truly ended, iCarly’s Nathan Kress sent an autograph to a fan five years after she asked. Yup! Back when Tay was in the sixth grade, she wrote a fan letter to Kress (AKA Freddie Benson) and sent it along with a headshot, hoping to get it signed.

It’s 2017 now and life has changed: Tay is a senior, Kress has moved on to other TV and film projects, but Tay’s sixth grade wish came true. Not only did Kress sign his (adorable) headshot, but he penned a sweet note as well. Tay’s sister Ally posted the evidence for all to see.

And the sweetness continued when he saw Ally’s post and wrote another endearing message.

This made Tay’s day, that’s for sure.

This guy!

We can’t help but wonder…how many other letters is Kress now trying to respond to after all this time? Hope he’s not swamped!

FYI this is kinda making us want to go binge some old iCarly episodes.

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Anyway, it just goes to show that there are plenty of good hearts in the world, and meaningful gestures happen regularly. Thanks for being your awesome self, Nathan. We’re having a happy Wednesday.