Fred Savage’s celebrity crush will definitely surprise you

If you think we’re the only ones who get crushes on celebrities, think again. Fred Savage’s celebrity crush will definitely surprise you, we think, which we just learned about via Us Weekly. Of course, the ~biggest~ crush we think about when it comes to Savage is when his character, Kevin, had a GINORMOUS crush on Winnie (Danica McKellar) on The Wonder Years. And, tbh, while he was busy crushing on her, we had a ~huge crush~ on him. But Savage’s IRL crush? Tom Ford!

Yup, we’re talking the fashion designer/film director, producer, and screenwriter Tom Ford! You may also remember when he was the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Or maybe you’re a fan of his Tom Ford label?! In any case, this is further proof that Savage has great taste!

“My celebrity crush is Tom Ford, Savage told Us Weekly. “It’s the scruff, hair, the two buttons undone, the confident gaze, and the talent.

We’re with you, Savage, we’re with you! Here’s Savage’s crush in all his handsome glory.


And here’s another of Ford, in case you wanted a full-length view. This was taken back in June at London Fashion Week’s closing dinner hosted by GQ.


We also dug up this photo of Ford, looking ever-so-sleek (read: HOT) in sunglasses at a dinner to celebrate The Business of Fashion and their “The America Issue” at LACMA back in May.


Okay, we’re officially swooning even more, and we don’t blame Savage a bit for choosing Ford as his crush. But, since we mentioned Kevin and Winnie above, we’re going to go binge-watch The Wonder Years right now.

After all, they were ~the cutest~, right?! Anyone else into having a Wonder Years marathon?! Brb as we start ours!