Fred Armisen teaches Jimmy Fallon how to do every southern accent

From his performances on SNL to his characters on Portlandia, it’s no secret that Fred Armisen is a master of impressions. As he told the audience on Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he’s also an expert at accents, and has been focusing on one region in particular: the south. After much practice, he can now do any southern accent down to the state, and asked Jimmy to put him to the test.

The first state? Louisianna, which proves to be no problem at all. Fred explains that Louisianna is a very “rounded” accent, much deeper than, say, Arkansas, which, as he demonstrates, is higher and more percussive. Tennessee is somewhere in between, a bit slower than Arkansas but not quite as regal as Louisiana.

As hilarious as Fred’s accents are, they’re also pretty impressive. He’s effortlessly funny while still managing to capture every detail. Check it out below!

(Image via YouTube)