Fred Armisen Announced as Bandleader for ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

There are very few things in this world more exciting than when comedy costars reunite for new projects. It’s like going home and seeing your old friends together in one place, despite the vastly different journeys each of you has taken since childhood. And the SNL crew is a fun one to follow. Remember when Jason Sudeikis played Floyd, Liz Lemon’s beloved Cleveland fanatic, on 30 Rock? Remember when Will Forte played the Twlight-obsessed time capsule protester on Parks and Rec? CLASSICS.

Well, there’s one man in particular who takes these SNL reunion guest spots to a whole new level of hilarity. And that man is Fred Armisen. It doesn’t matter what role he’s in – Fred Armisen will make you LOL. From his own lovable show, Portlandia, to all of his recent guest spots on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and even new hit Broad City, the man is everywhere and he is a genius.

The latest project for Armisen will be joining his SNL buddy and new face of late night, Seth Meyers, as the bandleader on his show. As reported by Mashable, the band is called G8, and Armisen will lead and curate the band. Don’t worry, Portlandia fans! Armisen will run the band from afar while he’s filming Portlandia.

Late Night with Seth Meyers premieres Monday, February 24th and with Fred Armisen as bandleader, we’re certainly in for a giggle-inducing treat.

Featured image via @SethMeyers

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