The ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Website is Still Alive and It’s Awesome

It’s been a long time since it first aired in 1999, but even today, Freaks and Geeks holds up incredibly well. It is the seminal high school series and it’s worth revisiting on Netflix (especially in honor of the show’s anniversary this week). For all those newbies hunkering down to learn why I had a crush on Jason Segel way before he was Marshall Erickson, a small part of the original show remains. Thanks to Uproxx, we’ve learned that the Freaks and Geeks website still exists. Sure, it might say “CANCELED — FOR NOW” right across the home page, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold out hope for its revival. It could happen.

The website is the most beautiful time capsule for the fall of ’99. If you take the “Are You A Freak or a Geek?” quiz, it asks you if you wake up on a Saturday morning and watch Saved By the Bell. The quiz is also very worried about the impending doom we thought Y2K was going to bring, and in case you’re wondering, yes, I scored as a geek.

You can also read a part of Sam’s Newsletter, where he gives you the quote of the week (“Don’t get me mad. You won’t like me when I’m mad!” The Hulk) and there’s also a bunch of bios written by Judd Apatow, the executive producer, about the cast. He notes that Jason Segal “Just moved out of his parent’s house. It’s about time.” As for James Franco: “My wife described him as the greasy guy who works at a gas station that you make out with. Wait a minute. What does that mean? Maybe I shouldn’t let her visit the set so much.”

Some parts of the website, like the downloadable computer wallpapers and screensavers, say they’re “coming soon” and that’s a bummer. Doubtful Apatow and Paul Feig even realize this thing is still kicking around on the Internet. But if you’re listening, I’d love a Neal screensaver. And if you’re looking for a small dose of severe nostalgia, I highly suggest taking a few — or 45 — minutes to poke around the site. You can find it here. Let me know if you can get the Freaks and Geeks picture postcards to work.

Image via here and here.