We are forever freaking out about this ‘Once Upon a Time’ news

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or just somewhere without WiFi access), New York Comic Con started two days ago. The action continues throughout tomorrow, with screenings and panels on everything from Star Wars to Twilight to The Walking Dead. Everyone who’s anyone in graphic novels, video games, movies and television is there, including Grumpy Cat. (We’re not actually sure what she actually has to do with comics, but hey, whatevs. We’ll always love us some Grumpy Cat.)

One of the things we love best about Comic Con is when the makers of our fave television shows drop by to give us sneak peeks of things to come. That’s exactly what happened yesterday at the Once Upon a Time panel, when Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz dropped some major Storybrooke news that’s got our poisoned apple-loving hearts all aflutter.

First of all, set your DVRs because in November there’s going to be a two-hour Once Upon a Time special, which is amazing, because if there’s anything better than an hour of fairy tale madness, it’s TWO HOURS. All of the yes.

But wait, there’s more. Are you a Merida fan? (Of course you are.) Because she’s coming back, guys! Not in this week’s episode, but soon. She’ll also definitely be a part of the big two-part season closer in November, in which she embarks on a journey with Mulan and Ruby. (Ruby! Oh how I’ve missed you, child of the moon.) We honestly can’t think of a better kickass lady trio than these three. Look out, Storybrooke.

ALSO the show is currently looking for someone to play Hook’s father, which just might make our fangirl hearts explode. If anyone has daddy issues, it’s most certainly Hook. OK, and maybe the rest of the characters on Once Upon a Time.

Any guess as to who might get that role? Those are some awfully big pirate shoes to fill. Plus, he’s got to be able to pull off a smoky eye.

We’re looking at you, Johnny Depp.

(Images via ABC, Twitter)