This “Freak Show” favorite is coming back for “American Horror Story: Roanoke”

American Horror Story: Spoilers. 

We might not ~exactly~ get what’s happening this season, but now we know where it’s going: The Mott Family Tree.

As you’re probably well aware by now, whether obviously or subtly, all seasons of American Horror Story are connected together ~somehow~. Whether it be a character who pops up twice, or a name that’s dropped, or simply a location, they’re all intertwined. For Season 6, we’ve just learned we’re heading back into very familiar territory, and some characters from Season 4’s Freak Show will somehow be connected to Roanoke.

And who better for Season 6 than Dandy himself?

Yup. According to AHS Czar, Ryan Murphy, Season 6 will "explain how the Motts began, which is funny.


Well, that’s an interesting twist. The Motts, if you remember, were a well off family and during Freak Show, we got to know both Dandy and his mother, Gloria (Mr. Mott committed suicide…and then Dandy killed his mom). We only know their story from Freak Show on, so just how DID Gloria come into her riches? Why DID Mr. Mott commit suicide?

And most importantly, can we expect to see Dandy once again?


This is by no means a confirmation that Finn Wittrock will show up, but now there’s a HIGH CHANCE he will. After his role as Dandy, Wittrock also starred in Season 5’s Hotel, and was recently joined by other AHS Season 6 cast members, Evan Peters and Denis O’Hare, at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. So like, he’s gotta come back.

But now just HOW do the Motts fit into Roanoke? We’re just going to have to wait and see.