Fraternities and sororities at Berkeley voluntarily suspended Greek-life parties for this important reason

With the issue of sexual assault on college campuses not going away anytime soon, one group of university students decided to do something about it. The Interfraternity Council at the University of California, Berkeley announced that they’ll be suspending all fraternity and sorority parties after two sexual assaults were reported at off-campus fraternity events.

While what prompted this move is depressing and unnerving, we’re proud of the fraternities and sororities at UC Berkeley for taking a stand against sexual assault.

Leaders of Greek life on campus made the following announcement on Facebook:

"We wish to reiterate our pledge to eliminate sexual violence from our community and reaffirm our commitment to our members and students of Berkeley to provide a safe environment for all," the Facebook post stated.

"We needed to take some time off and really assess our situation," president of the Interfraternity Council, Daniel Saedi, said to the AP about the council's relatively rare decision.

"These are grave acts of violence that are occurring. They have no place anywhere in this country let alone on college campuses."

Saedi also said the council doesn’t have a timeline for when the ban on parties will end, but that the Greek life at Berkeley will meet this upcoming weekend and hopefully, “craft a new set of operating standards that all fraternities and sororities will agree on.”

With 1,500 people in the fraternities and sororities at Berkeley (and countless others who attend their parties), the council’s decision is sure to have make impact, even if won’t put an end to all sexual assault.

Whether you’re a fan of Greek life or not, you have to be proud of the students at Berkeley for acknowledging the victims of sexual assault and taking a stand to do something about it.