This frat website officially decided on “the ugliest outfit a girl can wear”

In news that no one asked for, we have toxic frat culture giving us unnecessary information about what women “shouldn’t be wearing.” Let’s just preface this by saying that, ladies, you can wear whatever you want. It’s no man’s choice. In a 2016 post that is now recirculating the internet, a website called Total Frat Move decided to have someone write about the ugliest thing a girl can wear. The piece says, “norts under a tee shirt” (aka Nike shorts under a t-shirt) is the worst thing a woman can put on her body.

We’d like to think the worst thing a woman can wear is something she doesn’t love wearing, but we digress. false

The writer tries to prove his point by writing upwards of 600 words on this “horrible outfit,” but all we can read is mansplaining nonsense.

You know what we judge more than a bad outfit? A narrow mind.

Not only is this unacceptable, disrespectful, and ignorant, it’s unnecessary criticism from a dude who probably doesn’t even know his Yves Saint Laurent from his Balmain. Boy, bye.

This writer glibly asks if the girls wearing this look would follow their friends if they jumped off a bridge. It feels particularly ironic considering this dude is writing for a website called “Total Frat Move” — if there’s anyone who adheres to groupthink and a set standard of presentation, it’s frat boys.

So dudes, instead of tearing down women, maybe ask yourself why their outfits bother you so much. We’re often triggered by someone else based on our own insecurities, after all.

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