This guy was kicked out of his frat for offensively ranking women

Most of us learned by middle school that, if you’re going to write something mean, weird or creepy about someone else, you should probably keep it in your diary or some other safe location so there’s no chance of it going public (or published online) and getting back to the target of your creepin’. Or, you know, better yet: Don’t write it at all.

Unsurprisingly, some frat bros never picked up on this important social lesson — and this month, one creeper at James Madison University managed to take things too far, even for his own frat brothers.

Though classes just started at the Virginia school, one member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (also known as FIJI) decided to do the potential freshman pledge class a solid during orientation week and provided them with a helpful list of the “hot girls” in one dorm, ranking them on a 1-10 scale and including their room numbers.

Even the guy in question seemed to be somewhat aware that he was crossing a line, calling his own handwritten list of 11 women “a little creepy” and asking the pledges to “keep it low key,” but promising them it was “necessary” and would totally make sure they got laid, if they just followed his instructions.

Continuing his top-notch guide to How To Be a Creeper, he also offered advice to the freshmen on how to ensure they’ll make it through rush week and become a brother. Some particular gems included:

  • “Leave your suite door open all of frog week,” giving them more opportunities to meet “the babes.”
  • “Go to your dorm meeting” to make sure they “get a glimpse” of “all the hot tail in [the dorm].”
  • “Get dressed quickly to go out and party your face off, if you wear cargos or socks with Sperrys you will be castrated. Turn up the Casanova level to ‘I’m not settling for anything less than a solid 8 tonight.’”

While nobody is debating the horrors of socks with Sperrys, this whole letter (and can we talk about how he took the time to actually hand-write the worst parts of it?) is about as gross as it gets. Even the writer appeared to recognize that, reminding the recipients that they should “NOT show [girls] this or tell them anything about me, they cannot know about this.”

The university — which is already facing a federal lawsuit for its mishandling of a sexual assault case involving former students — has said it plans to look into the incident to see if any disciplinary action is necessary.

“The university is aware of the incident and it is under investigation,” JMU spokesperson Bill Wyatt told Gawker. “However because of federal privacy laws, we cannot comment on the specifics of the incident. Obviously, the university takes seriously any complaints of sexual harassment or misconduct. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with university policy and procedure.”

Meanwhile, even FIJI tried to distance itself from this “rogue” brother. The fraternity’s president announced that the student responsible had already been expelled from the JMU chapter.

“​[Name redacted] acted totally on his own in writing the letter that has sparked this controversy. The letter does not reflect the values that our chapter promotes and our members embrace. Accordingly, [name redacted] has been removed from our chapter. We will continue to cooperate with the University in every way necessary to resolve this matter.​”

Seems even frats have limits to just how creepy their members can get.

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