Calling “Clueless” fans: You’re going to need this Cher Horowitz-inspired bikini collection

If you came of age in the ’90s, you know there’s nothing more classic than the image of Clueless‘s Cher Horowitz ruling the hallways of her high school in a fabulous yellow plaid suit. If Clueless is still among your favorite movies, you’re going to want to pay homage to that iconic outfit with this new swimwear collection.

Frankie’s Bikini released a highly-anticipated capsule collection called Valley Girl, and the line includes one-pieces and bikinis that won’t make you say, “As if.” You’ll get to channel Cher from Clueless, and honestly, who wouldn’t?

There are three style choices offered in the collection — two bikini options and one one-piece style, but they’re all very reminiscent of the iconic movie. Either way, whichever swimwear piece you pick from this capsule collection, you’ll look like “a total Betty.”

Designer Francesca Aiello told HelloGiggles the inspiration behind the nostalgic collection, saying:

"To be honest, it was my love for Paul Rudd. He’s been my celeb crush since day one."

Honestly, SAME. But the piece that Aiello loves the most from the collection would be the Tarzana. “It’s such a flattering cut and can double as a bodysuit, which paired with denim is so adorable.”

The sizes range from S to L, except for in “The Tai Set,” which goes up to XL. As for the pricing, the pieces range between $80-$170. Let’s take a peek at the collection, shall we?

1The Tai Bikini Top ($90)

2The Tai Bikini Bottom ($80)

3The Baxter Top ($80)

4The Baxter Bottom ($80)

5The Tarzana One-Piece ($170)


We told you, it’s a good one.

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