Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ disappeared from Spotify for a few hours and fans lost their minds

Oh, dear. Previous experiences have shown that Frank Ocean is a huge fan of disappearing acts, and then his music appeared to have given us the slip as well, at least for a little while. Like a thief in the night, the singer’s new album Blonde disappeared from Spotify on Tuesday after only being there a few days, leaving a trail of fan’s shattered hopes and dreams in its wake.

BUT! As with any good Frank Ocean tale, there’s a shocking twist and a glimmer of hope to help fans recover from this dark moment in music history. Spotify explained the mystery of the vanishing album to The Fader, and unlike the nail-biting drama surrounding Ocean’s album release, this time we have only a “small technical error” to blame.

As it turns out, the streaming service snafu was only temporary and Blonde is back on Spotify.


Phew, that was such a close call and not at all the most healthy way to start a day. But at least now fans can reclaim their sanity and proceed with obsessing over Ocean’s new music. We’re sure they appreciate it now more than ever.