Frank Ocean fans are calling his new song “Chanel” a “bisexual anthem”

Music fans were in for a treat last night, as Frank Ocean debuted his new song “Chanel.” And it’s fire. Not only is the beat super smooth and reminiscent of summer, its lyrics are making quite a statement. So much so that fans have officially dubbed it a “bisexual anthem.”

The “Thinking Bout You” singer is no stranger to exquisite storytelling in his music, and “Chanel” is no exception. Just like the artist did in his “Channel Orange” LP, he gives a nod to his sexuality in the track. With that said, we should all be used to him spilling the tea by now. But, we just can’t help but to get excited.

The song has definitely been on repeat since its release, and we’re not ashamed.

But, why are fans calling “Chanel” a “bisexual anthem,” you ask?

Well, these few lines of the song say it all.

The lyrics say, "My guy pretty like a girl. And he got fight stories to tell. I see both sides like Chanel. See on both sides like Chanel."

The best part are all of the fan reactions, however. Once they all caught a whiff of Ocean’s beginning stanza, they lost their minds!


Yup — it’s just that great. Our only complaint is that it’s not nearly long enough. So more, please!