Frank Ocean took to Tumblr to write about the inauguration

Frank Ocean is perhaps a musician first, but he’s also a pretty fantastic writer. I think about his moving message to the LGBTQ community, post-Orlando all the time, both for its content and for its lyrical precision.

Now Ocean is back with a message for the president, the president’s arsenal of “alternative facts,” and Barack Obama.

Like before, Ocean shared his missive through Tumblr. It’s short but deeply barbed, each word chosen with care and intention. (Down to the hashtag.) false

First off, “your event was dry” made me bark-laugh out loud, which I appreciate because lord knows we can use all the laughs we can get now. The rest of Ocean’s message is barbed with these moments of humor but also a deep, still, sadness.

Remember, he and his mother went to a White House state dinner last fall. (He wore Vans, which is a total #icon move.) And while he opens his message curbing the current administration’s tactic of straight up telling lies, ultimately, he’s shouting out: To the black man who will remain his president. To figures in the White House who offered inspiration to those who’d never been heard and heeded before. To the majority, which is with him. We have each other, and that both is and isn’t enough.