Ring the alarm: You can now buy this cult favorite body scrub at Ulta Beauty

It only takes one look at Instagram, with all its photos of coffee-clad collarbones and faces, to realize that Frank Body is one of the biggest names in beauty right now. The company, which produces coffee body scrubs and other skin care products for supple skin, has always been sold online.

They’ve been catering to the “see now, buy now” method of shopping that so many of us can’t seem to live without. But now, the Australian brand is putting their cult fave scrubs and balms on the shelves of Ulta Beauty, giving us another way to get our hands on their yummy items.

The best part? All of Frank’s products are natural and cruelty-free so you can slather them on in good conscience. And since prices start at $16.95 (and there’s no shipping involved), you can get your coffee on and take a selfie for the price of a yoga class.


With over two million babes showering themselves in coffee and taking photos, you can expect even more selfies to hit Instagram, thanks to Ulta. And even if you’re not near one of the 100 Ulta stores carrying the product, you can still shop the line on Ulta’s site.

Whether you’re picking up a classic coffee body scrub or trying something new like their glow mask or body cream, Frank Body is sure to be your new obsession. So in case you need some extra TLC on your next Ulta run, you know where to turn. And you only have to wait until you get home to nail the perfect coffee-covered selfie.

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