James Franco is back with another Clinton endorsement video and we’re all ears

James Franco just delivered a shower endorsing sequel for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and we’re so happy he did! Not sure about you, but we totally haven’t gotten tired of rewatching his initial video from last week. Add his sense of humor with a sexy towel scene, and we’re all in!

Just as expected, Franco hit us with some more unknown facts about The Most Interesting Woman in the World. Not only is Clinton super skillful in woodworking, but she had a hand in training the legendary Jedi Master Yoda — making Clinton an extraordinary candidate, indeed. Watch part two below!


“She didn’t just bring Iran to the table. She whittled the table from a single piece of oak,” proclaims Franco. “Her laugh is in the Smithsonian. Yoda was her apprentice. She’s The Most Interesting Woman in the World.”

Absolutely hilarious!


Not sure if you caught it, but Franco spoofed the oh-so-popular Dos Equis commercials in the latest 30 second video. And truthfully, it’s probably one of the greatest ones we’ve seen!

The really question is, where can we find that towel?!


And for all of you hoping that this isn’t the last of Franco’s pro Hill C campaign, you’re not alone. There’s still time for him to drop one last video before the November 8th election!

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