Frances Bean Cobain posted an emotional baby photo of her and dad Kurt Cobain

Even though the musical genius Kurt Cobain died over twenty-two years ago, his memory is still clearly alive in the millions of Nirvana fans still listening to his transcendent music. His family, however, not only remember him has a ’90s icon, but as loving person and parent. Every so often, his only daughter with wife Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain, gives us brief glimpses into the personal life of Kurt Cobain as a father, through photos posted to Instagram. In her most recent post, Cobain, posted a baby photo of herself and Kurt with the simple caption, “DNA.”

Check it out below:

Last year when HBO aired the documentary (Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck), Cobain  opened up about her father and the impact his death had on her growing up to Rolling Stone Magazine:

“Kurt got to the point where he eventually had to sacrifice every bit of who he was to his art, because the world demanded it of him.I think that was one of the main triggers as to why he felt he didn't want to be here and everyone would be happier without him. In reality, if he had lived, I would have had a dad. And that would have been an incredible experience."

– Cobain

While Cobain has spent most of her life without her father, it’s clear his influence has been important to her. Earlier this year, on Father’s Day, she posted another photo of the duo together with the caption “Happy Father’s Day, Kurt. We miss you.”

Since Kurt’s 1994 death and Love’s various struggles with addiction, Cobain and Love have had a very complex relationship for the last decade or so. Their relationship seems to have thawed over the last year, with Love and Cobain seemingly spending more time together.

We love how often Cobain posts about Kurt and cherishes the photos and memories they have together.

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