Fran Drescher Brought Back an Iconic Outfit From ‘The Nanny’ and It Feels Like 1994 Again

The flashy girl from Flushing looks better than ever!

Are we dreaming or is it 1994 again? Fran Drescher, aka Fran Fine, aka the flashy girl from Flushing pulled out one of her flashy outfits from her days on The Nanny, all for a good cause. Drescher posted an Instagram on June 8th in one of her multicolored Moschino vests from the show to promote Fran Jam, a virtual event with her organization Cancer Shmancer.

So we’re not only getting nostalgia, but we’re getting philanthropy from the Nanny herself. Ah-mazing.

Drescher has continued to share photos wearing the vest to also spread the good word about the show being on HBO Max, and let’s be real here, it looks like she hasn’t aged a day since the first time she donned this colorful vest almost 30 years ago.

Look. At. Her!

For reference, here’s Drescher in 1994 on the show:


Fran Jam is poised to have a lot of fun to offer viewers. Cynthia Erivo, Katharine McPhee, Cyndi Lauper, and more are participating in the June 20th event. Cancer Shmancer is Drescher’s organization that she created to help people find proper health care and get the right cancer treatment they need. After her own cancer journey, in which Drescher was misdiagnosed, she set out to help others find better treatment than she had herself.

Part of her outreach was creating the Fran Jam event to bring joy to the awareness. This year marks the seventh year of the event, and you can catch it all live on their website. We can only hope that Drescher will have on her colorful Moschino vest à la Fran Fine for the event!

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