Fozzie Bear and the Muppets covering 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” might be the greatest music video ever

Sometimes the internet gifts us with something truly magical. And nothing is more magical than combining the Muppets with classic rap music. At least, that’s what we learned when we first saw the Fozzie Bear remix of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”

Seeing the Muppets and Fozzie dancing and “singing” the badass song gives us a new respect for the classic comedic characters.

To be fair, the song remains the same. Though the Muppets have a lot of musical talent, they didn’t actually vocally cover the song. But the brilliant YouTuber isthishowyougoviral combined all sorts of hilarious Fozzie moments into a new music video. And it’s nothing short of brilliant.

There’s lots to love about Fozzie Bear. The comedic muppet loves to joke around with his pals. And, if there were clubs where the Muppets hang out, we’re sure he’d probably hang at them. Even if they were just comedy clubs.

That’s why it’s so appropriate that Fozzie lead the rest of the gang in this recut music video.

And, thanks to the magic of good puppeteering meeting genius editing, it really looks like the comedic Muppet is singing the song.

Using old Muppet footage, the YouTuber created something new and hysterical. We have to admit, every time Fozzie turns to the camera and (seemingly) says “it’s your birthday,” we LOL.

This is not be the first time someone has combined the Muppets with rap music. We almost couldn’t handle the perfection that was the “ODB” mash up a couple years ago. In fact, isthishowyougoviral has done a ton of hilarious remakes to OG rap songs, like this Sesame Street cover of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

But no matter how many times it happens, this type of creative brilliance – like the Muppets themselves – will never get old to us.